Meet the W B Adams Co. Team!

Name: William Adams
Title: President
Phone: (503) 644-9945 Extension 121
Bio: William Adams is the President and Founder of W.B. Adams Company and has over 30 years’ experience in the Insurance Industry. Starting in the Legal Department of a major Insurance Company, he worked in consulting for pre-ERISA retirement planning and in the Property & Casualty Industry for over 25 years. He is active in many community and charitable organizations including Beaverton Rotary, Beaverton Together, Meals on Wheels, Dental Check, Leukemia Society, Toys for Tots, 1st Marine Division Scholarship Fund, Semper Fi Fund, and others. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran.

Name: Tatyana Anohin
Title: Health and Life Representative and Producer
Phone: (503) 644-9945 Extension 120
Bio: Originally from the Ukraine, Tatyana moved to the United States in 1992. In addition to insurance, her background includes service in the child psychology and real estate fields and program coordination for a resettlement agency. Outside of the office, Tatyana’s passion is ballroom dancing. A new grandma, her first love is her beautiful family.

Name: Stephanie Tennant
Title: Accountant
Phone: (503)644-9946 Extension 119

Name: Leah Campbell
Title: Commercial Lines Renewals Representative
Phone: (503) 644-9945 Extension 113
Bio: Leah grew up in the Portland area, graduating from Clackamas High School and Mt. Hood Community College with an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science. Leah came to WB Adams with a background in the medical field, both human and veterinary, as well as a background in retail and customer service. She has a cat and 2 dogs and likes to spend her free time with her friends and family. She also enjoys hiking, snowboarding, hunting, wine tasting, reading and going on trips to explore new places in the Pacific Northwest. Leah enjoyed working with animals so much; she still works in a veterinary office part time. Leah has been with WB Adams since February 2016.

Name: Sara Draper
Title: Commercial Lines Account Representative
Phone: (503) 644-9945 Extension 114
Bio: Sara grew up in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area, and moved to Oregon a little over a year and a half ago. After previously working as a manager in retail for several years, she was given an opportunity at W.B. Adams and has been with the agency for seven months. Growing up in Nevada, Sara loves to hike and dirtbike, and enjoys boating out on the lake and soaking up the sun on the beach during the summer. She is a strong supporter of our military, as she has two brothers each in the Marines and the Army, and her father is also an Army Veteran.

Name: Kelly Broderick
Title: Commercial Lines Account Representative
Phone: (503) 644-9945 Extension 112
Bio: Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Kelly’s background includes customer service and support in the life and health insurance fields. She was also a medical assistant and surgical technician for a dermatology group. A self-proclaimed “social butterfly,” Kelly enjoys working out and international travel.

Name: Ashley Halicki
Title: Commercial Lines New Business Representative
Phone: (503) 644-9945 Extension 116
Bio: The youngest player on the W.B. Adams team, Ashley is fifth generation in the insurance industry, learning the ins-and-outs of the business while she studies web design at a local college. Ashley is an avid reader and would-be novelist, and enjoys archery and cooking. She is also a fan of the outdoors, favoring hiking and photography. With her social media expertise, she lends a hand in marketing efforts by maintaining the company website and Facebook page, among other activities.

Name: Courtney Phipps
Title: Receptionist/Commercial Lines Support
Phone: (503) 644-9945 Extension 110
Bio: A recent graduate from Oregon State University, Courtney has a Bachelor Degree of Science in Communication and a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. For the past seven years she has been working in the customer service and hospitality industry. Courtney is also deeply involved with philanthropic ventures, and focuses much of her energy on raising money for children with juvenile diabetes. She enjoys traveling and hiking in her free time, and is also a die-hard Portland Trail Blazer fan.

Name: Kathleen Corris
Title: Personal Lines Manager/Representative
Phone: (503) 644-9945 Extension 118
Bio: Kathleen grew up in the insurance business, working alongside her father, uncle, and grandfather in the family agency. Since graduating from the University of Oregon, she has served as a customer service supervisor and manager in the telecom, financial, market research, government and insurance industries.  A native Californian, Kathleen loves the sunshine and being in the water. She likes to spend her free time camping, boating, kayaking and waterskiing.

Name: Lisa Waldron
Title: Personal Lines Representative
Phone: (503) 644-9945 Extension 117
Bio: A native Oregonian, Lisa attended Oregon State University. Since graduation, she has worked in customer service in the retail and insurance industry while raising a family. Lisa enjoys spending her free time pursuing outdoor adventures, particularly in Central Oregon or on the Oregon Coast.


Name: Penny Steenslid
Title: Personal Lines Assistant
Bio: Penny Snegirev is a native Oregonian and has worked in customer service for over 10 years. She has worked in the airline industry as a flight attendant and as a customer service agent. She attended Western Oregon University with a major in Business and Marketing. She volunteers at the St. John’s Canning Preserve and Serve. Penny is bi-lingual and speaks fluent Russian.  Penny is currently on Maternity Leave after the birth of her daughter.


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